by:Ms. Florence D. Taburda.

Academic counseling is one of the academic assistance programs that the school extends to students with academic deficiencies. Others are peer mentoring, review, and tutorial classes.

The conventional practice in the conduct of academic counseling is that students go to the instructor based on the academic counseling schedule posted.

This scheme has been practiced for quiet some time but it seems not to be working effectively for many students are hesitant to go to the instructors personally.

It is along with this scenario and constraints that the Electronic Appointment System was conceived to bring the academic counseling closer to the students by making it more convenient for they would be free to set appointment to any faculty that they’re comfortable with if their vacant schedule coincides.

What is Electronic Appointment System?

An electronic appointment system is an electronic appointment scheduler in which the main purpose is to allow the students to set an academic counseling appointment with their preferred instructor.

All students under the different programs at John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University-Molo can use this system in setting an appointment with their instructors in a more convenient way. Likewise, instructors can be informed easily of the appointment set by the students.

With this technological innovation, the process of setting an academic counseling appointment has become fast and efficient as it lets the in-charge manage appointments, automate academic counseling scheduling, and more.


The Electronic Appointment System has the following features:

  • complete academic counseling schedule;
  • convenient setting of appointment by the counselee;
  • immediate appointment notifications to the academic counselors; and
  • easy generation of academic counseling appointment reports.

Student Referrals

Students with academic or behavioral deficiencies are being referred by their subject teacher to the Guidance Office using a referral form.
The referral form contains the course, semester, school year, name of students, year or section, periodic term, nature of the problem, remarks, and name of instructor.
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The students with academic deficiencies are being referred to the academic assistance in-charge to set an academic counseling appointment with the available instructors.

Academic Assistance Login

All referred students must log-in first at the Students’ Assistance Log System and choose what academic assistance program he or she intends to avail.


Electronic Appointment System

After the student has logged in to the Academic Assistance System, he or she must set an academic counseling appointment using this system.

Electronic Appointment System for Academic Counseling Interface


Convenient Way of Setting Appointment

Students can easily set an appointment with their preferred instructors using the electronic appointment system because it is easy to use, with simple and user friendly interface.

Increase in Number of Academic Counselee

With the use of the electronic appointment system, referred students could freely check the availability of academic counselors or instructors’ schedule. Thus, many can be able to set academic counseling appointment.

Immediate Feedback

The Electronic Appointment System for Academic Counseling provides immediate feedback to the counselee whether his appointment can be accommodated by the requested counselor or not.
Later on, this scheme may also be used for peer mentoring.

Improved Academic Assistance Program

The Electronic Appointment System for Academic Counseling provides a very good platform in improving the present academic assistance program. It serves as an effective way to strengthen the student-teacher relationship.

In conclusion, Electronic Appointment System is just one technological innovation that may enhance the delivery of our academic assistance program. But just like any other innovations, its success and effectiveness still lies on the support and cooperation of all the faculty and students.