3/E Nerios S. Cortejo, Head, Laboratory and  3/E Allan A. Roberto, Faculty, CME.

This undertaking consist of a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), a Human Machine Interface (HMI), a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), Digital Controller, Pumps, Level Sensors, Temperature Sensors, and Pressure Sensors. The system is designed to offers adaptability, making it well-suited for our instructor's instructional material.

This equipment is essential to provide our students with hands-on familiarity and in-depth understanding of automation equipment, processes, and their functioning aboard a ship.

Create a comprehensive training system that integrates all the aforementioned components, simulating real-life ship operations, and functionalities.

Benefits Description:

Our company stands to achieve substantial cost savings through the acquisition of this setup, as its estimated value amounts to approximately 2.3 million pesos.

Our students' expertise and understanding in the domains of ICT, Electrotechnology, and Automation will be significantly elevated through this initiative.

With this integrated system, the faculty will be empowered to effectively execute the content outlined in the instructor's guide, enabling comprehensive student assessment.