PROJECT HUGPONG: A Collaborative Activity of JBLFMU (Arevalo) SHS Grade 11 & 12

PROJECT HUGPONG: A Collaborative Activity of JBLFMU (Arevalo) SHS Grade 11 & 12

By: Mrs. Mary Mae Jun P. Esmaya  (Principal)

Date: November 17, 2023


One of the Annual Operational Programs of JBLFMU is the use of the Puerto del Mar as an academic venue. Puerto del Mar (PDM) is one of academic sites under the JBLF System. It is located in Poblacion, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras.

The Senior High School (SHS) Department initiated Project Hugpong 2023 for the SY 2023 – 2024. Project Hugpong is an initiative to create Collaborative Performance Tasks among the SHS Subjects. It is a project to utilize the PDM as an academic site. Series of activities were crafted to ensure that core competencies are met in different subject areas.

It is the fervent commitment of the SHS Department to deliver relevant quality education. Thus, we empower our learners by providing them learning opportunities outside of the four walls of the classroom. Collaborative tasks are designed to address competencies of more than one subject. Please see attached performance tasks.

Project Hugpong empowers learners. It provides diverse activities which require team efforts and individual creativity. It showcases a sense of discipline, integrity, excellence, perseverance, loyalty and equity. The collaborative tasks were designed to further evaluate competencies in different subject areas.

Project Hugpong is a bold step in ensuring that the curriculum is relevant in order to produce job-ready, active and responsible citizens.

Program Objectives:

The following are the specific objectives of Project Hugpong:

a. provide meaningful learning experiences through collaborative outputs;

b. leverage the skills of learners from the different subject competencies through authentic performance tasks; and

c. reframe learners’ thinking from how to survive into how to thrive in the society by providing experiences beyond the four walls of the classroom.


Program was conducted on November 17, 2023.  

A permit to conduct the activity was done through the Department of Education – Division of Iloilo City.

A letter to the parent was sent to inform them about the activity.

A waiver/parent’s/guardian’s consent was secured.

Implementation of the Practice:

Parents and guardians were informed through a formal letter about the activity. Students were asked to secure a parents’ consent before the conduct of the activity. A permit to conduct the activity was secured through the Department of Education – Division of Iloilo City. Series of activities were done after a general orientation and program.

Results of Practice: An evaluation of the activity was done among the learners. Results showed that the over-all experience of the learners are outstanding.

Below are the comments and suggestions:



There is nothing i can say but the event was amazing

Best Experience to the whole senior High School student, GOOD PLANNED

Good Successful Good job Very nice


the overall experience was excellent and outstanding

The event was fine


It was amazing experience and at the same time tired.

I love the activity and overall.

It was a great experience for everyone.

Very perfect activities for me.

Ma kita gd nga gin planohan sang mayo

The pdm was a good event for students.

Pls. provide kamo tubig para sa mga students next time kay dasig maubos tubig namon sa activities,yawan kami antos sang uhaw kag lingin ulo.

Need some clarification about the time schedule of the event

It was the traveling that was exhausting, not the activity. Despite some unclear directions, it was a pleasant experience.

One of the best activity that SHS Department had. Best experience for us students, we enjoy the activities, we explore the beautiful PDM and I hope we can come back there, a very tiring yet we enjoy and spent out time there very fun!. All in all it was very great and memorable experience, especially for us grade 12, that will be graduating in senior high next year. KUDOS to all the SHS Faculty for this successful activity.... THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR MAKING OUR GRADE 12 LIFE, MEMORABLE....

The event is an overall great experience and a great relief to our academic overload however it seems short and needs more to be added

Very good

Nice Place.

Thanks for learning

Worth It ang pagod

The greatest flaw I have observed regarding the event is that given the amount of students present in the event, proper cohesion is barely plausible since the sheer amount posed as a massive barrier to the proper dissemination of orders and information leading to disorder that is only resolved by intervention once the disorder is visible to the facilitators up front. Furthermore, even though the transport of students generally went smoothly, the first half of the event within Pwerto Del Mar was not as smooth especially in regards to the baggage of students that caused confusion that didn't help on the ongoing disorder. Overall, all I could say is that given the scale of the event it is either the number of students must be minimized for proper cohesion to be achieved or if the amount of students is needed for the event to go as planned then advisory teachers must hold an active role in keeping order within the lines of students so authority may be present in every corner to enforce student behavior and clarify information for the participants

THE activity is very helpful for the students because it makes us rest from study

Thank you

The PDM is so fun

Very excellent activity

I enjoyed very much

The time they started is not exact to the prog

It's wonderful to experience that kind of activity, I hope it will happen again thank you.

Wonderful experience

It was a fun and exciting trip and experience


GOOD I think it's OK

Good Job

I enjoy going to Guimaras for having an activity there buy I enjoy the most is riding in the fairy boat The project hugpong is good Sir and mom thank you for the trip Goods a All goods mga Ma'am/sir's I suggest that next activity is more on physical activity Thank you very much shs principal, faculty and staff for bringing us students to Puerto Delmar, 1st time ko makita ang sky blue nga baybay, nami² gd ka mayo ang view, hindi ko gd malimtan ang trip nga to. Kapoy² gd katama but despite that nadula ang tanan nga kapoy kay tama gd kasadya ang amun nabatyagan sa PDM. isa lang ang akon mahambal sa Puerto Delmar "MABALIK GD AKO SA PILA KA ADLAW" sa liwat damo damo gd nga SALAMAT SHS PRINCIPAL, FACULTY AND STAFF.


the activities are goods

Speechless because I enjoy a lot

Good luck


It's all goods


Next school year,I want to spent my overnight in Guimaras with my classmates.

The activity has a good planing and management

It was a great trip but and a great place to be but, it was tiring because of the hot weather, overall it was a great experience."Its not about the destination we have but the journey"

already good

Thank you

Lessons Learnt:

Project Hugpong is a bold risk for the SHS Department. We were tasked to bring six hundred four (604) students to Puerto del Mar, Guimaras. The activity was only for one day. As a department, our unity and cooperation were strengthened. The administration, faculty, staff, students, parents and guardians were all instrumental in the success of the activity. It was a risk worth taking as the SHS Department was able to utilize Puerto del Mar as an academic site. Further, the innovative ideas from the faculty in crafting authentic and meaningful performance tasks were vital. These tasks addressed the most essential learning competencies of the subject areas. Relevant performance tasks allowed students to create outputs intended in the preservation of the environment as well as their key roles in nation building. Teamwork was evident during the activities. Learners were tasked to take on their teams to produce meaningful outputs. Cooperation among learners was also practiced during the activities. They were given time duration to complete tasks thus enabling their independence and creativity. Project Hugpong is but a breakthrough in the SHS Department. Truly, in unity there is strength.


Project Hugpong will continue in the next SY as part of the Annual Operational Plan of the Department. The collaborative efforts to produce meaningful outputs in more than one subject area provided an opportunity for both teachers and learners to learn and grow together. Further, a better and stronger camaraderie and friendship was built. The dedication of the SHS Department in evident in this project as we do not confine learning in the four walls of the classroom. More so, this project proved the strong partnership of the department to its different stakeholders.